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West Philadelphia Born & Raised

We posted up the FRESH last week at 52nd and Parrish and a guy pulled up and asked us to put one down at the park , so we did. Both times that we went and posted in West Philly the people were loving it. As we were putting this up the two guys in the bottom picture rolled up and asked to be in a photo in front of it and I was so pumped that they were into it. Then as we were leaving a woman on her porch complimented the poster and asked us to put one on the side of her house. After posting in areas like this and getting such good feedback it really feels like we’re doing what we are supposed to…the whole Realize, Create, Beautify, thinking really kicks in. You look at these areas before we get there and it’s just a mess; no color, no care, just bare. When we leave we look back and it feels right it feels like it was meant to be there, it was meant to put some emotion in this place.

(52nd & Parish)

So I got word from my man El Toro that there was a B-Boy BBQ going down in West Philly today so I HAD to get this FRESH up out there as soon as possible. I was always a little nervous to venture into West Weeeeeest Philly, but this was finally the tipping point for me to get out there and get it up.

It was pretty well received by people passing by. At one point we heard a yell from the car across the street, and I’m not going to lie I was scared shitless. The guy flew up, parked his car, got out, and then began to tell us how much he loved it and that he wanted us to come back and put one up at the basketball court at the end of the street. It made me so relieved that he was into it. Hopefully this stays up for a bit.

We were about to head home and we had a boat load of paste left and a nom star in the trunk so we decided to hit up FDR considering Go Skate Day (I’ll be working, but if you’re off, and you skate, GET OUT THERE!) is on monday and maybe it could score some BGP’s (background props) in some sick photos. I hadn’t been to FDR in a good 7 years and it was looking freshly  painted for the most part so we had free range as to where we could put this thing, and I think the spot we decided on was great. The 1st picture is the view as soon as you walk into the park and it just stands out like a sore thumb, and I love it.

*Extra* Soooo here’s a TWO for one…we went back to FDR and put this FRESH up on the outside, so if you’re around there pop a photo with it and send it to me I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of it.

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